The Financial Health Of Your Business At A Glance On A Single Screen

There are two types of people in business.  Those who assume their business finances are in good shape and those that are successful.

Managing the finances of your business is one of the most crucial tasks you have.  Simply, if your cash and finances are not measured and checked on a consistent basis, you are flying blind and at serious risk of going bust.

You Are Good In Your Field The problem for most people though, is that they are not accountants so do not understand how to measure and interpret their accounts and then crucially, take the appropriate actions to secure their cash and profits.

To make matters worse, the business of accountancy is almost like a foreign language for most company owners which further discourages them from asking questions so the problems and risks get worse.

You are good at what you do; you don’t have to be an expert at finance.  You just need to be open to using simple tools that can help you along the way to better financial management.

Easy Help Is At Hand For Better Financial Management

For those small-business owners who want to know how their company is performing there is a simple solution. It’s called Profit Optimiser.

This is an easy-to-use module of an accounting software package that shows you the financial health of your business all on a single screen, in a simple-to-understand graphical format. There is no need to pore over pages of numbers trying to understand how you are performing.  No need for a degree in accountancy. The answers are all there for you, the essentials to running your business.

You have a financial scorecard showing you the key numbers that tell you how secure your business is.

  • the balance sheet
  • profit and loss
  • cash flow
  • return on investment
  • how much cash you need

With this information, you can easily control the key finances of your business without having to spend hours of hair-pulling frustration.

Is It Safe To Grow Your Business? That sounds an odd question. Many small business owners want to get bigger but over ambition is probably the biggest cause of business failure.

Too many small company owners have launched into a growth strategy and come crashing to a halt because they ran out of cash.  This confuses many owners – if you have more sales, then your business must be going in the right direction. Unfortunately, it does not work that way.

  • there may be more stock to buy
  • perhaps more staff to employ
  • extra plant or equipment
  • more credit extended to new customers

All of these are expensive to fund and have a huge impact on your cash and your profits. Unfortunately, people usually find out too late when they have lost their business, their home and perhaps their family too.

What if you could easily forecast the effect of a growth strategy so that you don’t run into problems? ProfitOptimiser can do that for you. In just a few seconds you can a simple set of tables and graphs which will show you how different actions can affect your business. Now you can see how safe your growth ambitions are.

Eliminating a Huge Pain With Two Keystrokes

One of the biggest pains for most people is creating an annual budget.  You have to find time, you probably don’t want to make one and you may not know what numbers to put in what space.  But you need to have one to be a better manager and your bank will definitely want one.  ProfitOptimiser makes your financial business life a whole lot easier and does it all for you – in just two keystrokes!

It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Is It Easier To Make 10% Extra Profit Or 10% More Sales?

You have goals for your business but which ones are better?

May be you want to grow sales by 10% next year.  What effect will that have on your profit, on your cash-flow and importantly, what do you have to do to reach that goal?

For example, do you have to sell 10% of all your products or can you achieve it by selling 20% more of just one product or service?

Or perhaps you want to increase your profits by 10%.  Does that mean you have to sell 10% more services or are there others ways of getting the extra profit like a price increase or a cost reduction?

There are many different ways you can go about increasing your income but each comes with costs, time and effort. When you use ProfitOptimiser, you can try these different options to see which is likely to have the best effect for you and what you have to do to achieve your ambition.

Make Your Business Life Easier Business is about money yet for most people, understanding the financials of their company is not a core skill but it is vital. Running a business is hard work with many different hats for the owner so having to become an accounting expert does not appeal to many people so they ignore the numbers.  ProfitOptimiser does the hard financial lifting for you and gives you, in seconds, the simple answers you need to keep your business afloat and avoid the many pitfalls of business life.

For a free one-hour consultation in how to use ProfitOptimiser and save you hours of headaches and frustration, call 09 236 0082.