Two Proven Tools To Help Your Business Grow

1 How To Put Thousands of Dollars in Your Bank Account With Business Life Planning

This is not just a business planning exercise.  Business Life Planning is far more than that. It looks at some of the issues related to succession planning but again, it goes beyond that topic..

Business Life Planning is a proven program which will analyse your business to help you identify your business, personal and life goals which means you can:

  • set up the systems that add value to your business,
  • develop plans to follow and
  • take the actions you need to take to achieve your goals and success.

This process will make your business the one that stands out in your market as the business to buy……. for the right reasons, not because it’s cheap.

We Are Here To Help You Get Where You Want To Go

Any planning exercise is difficult if you try to do it yourself which is why we work with you using a successful system already used around the world.   The process includes:

  • A strategic planning process facilitated by us to help you along
  • A one-on-one workshop with a BLP specialist
  • An assessment of your business’ current and future value
  • A tailored Business Life Plan report which documents the key aspects of your business and business life
  • Documented goals, action plans and timelines
  • Ongoing support to help you implement your plan and achieve you goals

The result?

A clear plan that puts you in charge, guiding you to achieve your goals and increase your chances of success

2 How to have happier staff with a Staff Value Program?

Attracting and retaining key staff is a constant problem for business owners and one that hinders business growth. The Staff Value Program is a 3 step process aimed at

  • Making your business more attractive to new candidates
  • Increasing retention of the right staff
  • Creating a more motivated workforce
  • Lowering your management headaches.

The three steps we undertake for you are:

  1. Survey your people to provide a solid understanding of how your people feel.
  2. Develop and implement a Staff Value Programme designed to match your company’s needs in the four main areas above.
  3. Review and reward your people based on performance so that they continue to be happy and motivated for you.

When you use this tool, many of your staff costs and problems go away making your life easier and your business more profitable.

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