How To Get What You Want From Your Life By Getting What You Want From Your Business

Far too many business owners end up working for their company instead of the company working for them. As a result, their family lives suffer, their stress levels are too high and they often don’t enjoy what they are doing.  If this sounds familiar, you may be wondering how you can you have a successful business and a fulfilling life outside your business.

There are many business consultants who help you grow your business.  Accountants who can provide insight behind the numbers. And plenty more consultants who provide coaching for both business and life coaching.  They offer good services in their own speciality but few of them connect the dots so you are left with lots of pieces of cotton but no clear picture for the tapestry of your life.  Plus, most coaches work from good intention, few have proven systems to help you.

This is how I can help you.

I’m an accountant with over 20 years experience but I am also a working mum, successful business owner, have gone through the pain of divorce and a psychology graduate.  All of that means I’ve either been where you are or, unlike “bean counting accountants” I can understand how you feel with all of the emotional turmoil we go through when building our businesses, running into unwanted relationship issues and how to recover on the other side. In addition, I use tools that have been tried and tested around the world to help business owners achieve their success and desires.

Please take a look inside the website at how we can help you in three key areas.

My years as an accountant, a working mum and a psychologist create a unique combination that can help you break through the blockages and pains you experience in your business frustrations and personal strife to make a life you truly desire.

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