When You Are Stressed And Uncertain,

You Want A Helping Hand With Your Relationship Property

At a time of high stress like matrimonial and relationship break-up, many people feel pressured into making decisions about their relationship property often to bring about a quick settlement and closure to painful situation.  Those decisions which may come back to haunt them in the future if they don’t have the right advice, guidance and people at their side to help them receive a fair and just matrimonial settlement.

For many people, women especially, if they have not been used to making significant financial decisions on their own, it can be frightening to have to face these complex, emotionally-charged situations head-on.

On top of that, there’s a lot of financial documentation to find, assess and prepare for your case and let’s face it, few people like to gather and sort through legal and financial papers at the best of times.

Often, you feel alone with no one you can talk to. Sure, you have friends and family, but those are often “spouse bashing” chats which can help you offload but have no real basis for your own personal financial situation.

This is how I can help you.

I’ve been through divorce with all of the financial and emotional turmoil it brings.  And I’ve come out the other side to a happy and fruitful life. Plus I have over 20 years experience as an accountant including running my own successful practice.

Without Lynda Moore’s skilled guidance and friendship the unexpectedly bitter and emotional battle would have

meant defeat early on and I would have been left with an inadequate and unfair financial agreement.

Lynda’s many years of experience as an accountant, her warmth and understanding as a friend

(she has a degree in psychology) and her connection with the best legal advisers, have been my life-support.


Do You Know Your Options?

Under NZ law, you are entitled to half of the relationship property. Don’t let your ex try to convince you otherwise.  Often a former partner will make what they suggest is a good and fair offer to you.  Unless it is your legal share, it’s not a fair separation and you do not have to accept.  This is often the case where there are investment properties or businesses involved but finding and demonstrating the values is a difficult process and can be interpreted in different ways by smart lawyers or accountants.

The N Word

Yes, negotiation.  It frightens many people who have not been used to business and I’ve seen far too many people, concede their rights and thousands of dollars because they were put off from negotiating for their rights.  They just wanted to get the whole thing out of the way so they can move on.  We can help remove some of those negotiation problems by preparing financial documents for you.

I work closely with your legal people, lawyers and barristers, helping to brief them on your behalf so between us we can achieve the best negotiated relationship settlement for you.

How I Can Help You To Have A Fair Divorce Settlement

You can hand over the boring, complex yet vital documents, valuations and financial tasks to me to show your true and total financial situation.  That includes:

  • Reviewing financial statements to see if there is anything “hidden” from your share.
  • Checking for any sudden unexplained changes in the accounts.
  • Providing questions to ask the accountants.
  • Liaise with your lawyers to explain your position.
  • Check for a fair valuation of assets.
  • Where there is multiple or cross ownership, identify who owns and owes what to whom.
  • Assist in preparing maintenance affidavits.
  • Help create your personal budgets.
  • Work with you for your personal financial management.

But most of all, I can provide that all important support through the process to help you bring about a fair relationship property settlement.

For a no obligation initial consultation, call 09 236 0082, 021 903 914 or email lynda@quantumsolutions.co.nz